Guido Chiari

President of the ACTItalia Federation


Dear camping friends, the first camping club was established in 1932 in Piedmont. Actitalia has sought, wanted and planned this ninetieth anniversary because it is an important page in our history and it is essential that everyone knows where we come from.

The people of campers, Italian and foreign, will be welcomed at the structure of the Salone del Camper in Parma which in those days is planning the holding of the Fair. It will be an opportunity to know some details of the course of events that the Honorary President Camillo Musso has so well narrated as he is the historical memory of much of this long period. In fact, we will present one of his books where he narrates the events of camping from the dawn to the early 2000s.

We will visit Parma and the surrounding area to learn about the history, culture and nature of this area. As I anticipated in the introduction, it will be the pretext to experience a moment of collective aggregation with other realities and countries with customs and traditions different from us and the opportunity to share joy and friendship among peoples. In addition to the foreign crews, it will be an opportunity to extend this experience to Italian friends, including those of the other National Federations, and to spend this special adventure together.

Best wishes and see you in Parma.

Guido Chiari President

ACTItalia APS National Federation