Camillo Musso

Honorary President of the ACTItalia Federation


AUTO CAMPEGGIO CLUB PIEDMONT is the first Club born in Italy and fifth in Europe. This year we celebrate the 90th anniversary of its foundation having been created on April 15, 1932.

I was the only survivor, and I collected our story in one volume. It was a long and delicate job that will be ready for the international meeting scheduled by ACTItalia during the Parma Fair.

The first badge of the AUTO CAMPEGGIO CLUB PIEDMONT represented a curtain with wheels, perhaps it did not intend to anticipate the camper but the desire to get closer to nature and life in the open air.

The evolution of times has transformed what was born as a sport into a commercial activity, and has influenced the function of some clubs that have transformed it, as if they were a travel agency, far removed from the spirit of the old camping club. In the 2000s and, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the situation worsened.

Like the old talking cricket of Pinocchio, instead of hitting me with a hammer blow, accept my appeal to return to the origins of our life, to the old gatherings as was the “Italo, Franco, Swiss”, while respecting the limitations imposed, with the awareness of having the honor of participating in a great celebration among peoples.

I am old, but if you still like my presence, even if not physical, with an internet connection I will be happy to talk to you and make a virtual toast.

As Honorary President, I spiritually join you, congratulating the President, excellently assisted by the Council, who, despite the difficult situation, is guiding the Association with skill and self-denial.

I hope to meet you in Parma.

Camillo Musso Honorary President of ACTItalia