Story about us

In 1932 the first camping club was born in Italy with the name of “Auto camping Club Piemonte”, it was the fifth in Europe and one of the founders of the FICC – International Federation of Camping and Caravanning.

In 1940, due to the dissolution of all the Associations, it should have been dissolved, but the President Luigi Bergera obtained the creation of the ACTI – Association of Tourist Campers of Italy, legitimized by the Royal Ministerial Decree of March 9, 1940.

The ACTI, having a national character, gathered all the associations of campers then existing in the form of sections, including the ACCP which became the ACTI section of Turin.
At the end of the war the various associations claimed their independence and in 1950 created the Federcampeggio, as a federation that united them and in this context the ACTI remained as “ACTI Centrale”, coordinating the work of the various local ACTIs, many of which are still active. .

In 1998 the Central ACTI organized with great success the great European meeting, called Rally Europa, and on that occasion the FICC suggested to regain its autonomy, it was so in the year 2000, the ACTI was recognized by the FICC as National Federation, with the name of “ACTITALIA Federation”, with seniority in 1940, the year of the Ministerial constitution.
Today the ACTITALIA National Federation is a point of reference for its affiliated clubs, for its members and for the entire tourism sector of the movement operating on the national and international territory.

Who we are

The National Council

On 30/08/2020 the Ordinary Assembly of the Clubs affiliated to ACTITALIA National Federation was held at Camping Monte dell’Olmo Corridonia (MC), which elected the new National Council which, met on 30/08/2020 , elected the President and other Federal offices.

The members of the National Council remain in office for a period not exceeding 3 years and can be re-elected.

Yellow Flag

Recognition of quality intended for structures / localities that are destined to invest in hospitality and services.

ACTItalia Federation

The Actitalia Federation is a point of reference for all clubs, their members and for the entire tourism sector of the movement.

Golden Book

The “ACTItalia Golden Book”, of which people belong that have particularly distinguished themselves in itinerant tourism.